Sex on the Table – Aphrodisiacs in a Jar

At SEX ON THE TABLE we believe that FOOD and LOVE are the two most LIFE affirming things. We think they go together pretty perfectly. Our natural food line is based on the knowledge of APHRODISIACS - foods to get you in the mood, so to say. 


Raspberry_Aphrodisiac_MarmaladeThyme infused Raspberry Marmalade with a hint of Peanuts

Raspberries are an indulgent delicacy. They are among the world’s most nutritional foods. Combined with peanuts and Thyme this Marmalade is a powerful combination of nutrients that helps rev the libido.

The raspberries, peanuts and thyme in this marmalade are a signature flavor combination of Sex on the Table. It is a delicacy for grown-ups that revives childhood memories at brunch but also goes well with Poultry.

Ingredients: Fresh Raspberries, Cane Sugar, Corn Starch, Roasted Peanuts, Fresh Thyme, Aged Red Peppers. Vegan, No artificial preservatives, CONTAINS PEANUTS                

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Steak Sauce, infused with Ginger and Cilantro and finished with Ataulfo Mangos

Mango based Steak Sauce with Ginger and Cilantro

The mangos in this steak sauce have been prescribed as an aphrodisiac for centuries as they enhance arousal in men and women. The ginger in this recipe is Nature’s perfume, seducing through its scent.

This homemade mango based steak sauce infused with ginger and cilantro can be used as a dipping sauce for barbecued meats and seafood but it’s alsodelicious as a marinade for poultry, tofu or fish.

Ingredients: Fresh Ataulfo Mangoes, Tomatoes, Rice Vinegar, Brown Cane Sugar, Worcestshire Sauce, Fresh Ginger, Fresh Cilantro, Aged Red Peppers, Salt. No artificial preservatives, CONTAINS ANCHOVIES               

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Garlic infused Grapefruit Chutney with freshly ground Coriander

Garlic infused Grapefruit Chutney with Coriander (natural perfume so to say)

The garlic in this chutney is a stimulant that arouses passion. Combined with fresh coriander it helps to awaken the cupid in you. Finished with fresh grapefruits, its seducing fragrance is rivaled only by its taste.

Use this garlic infused grapefruit chutney to accompany aged cheeses or as a dip for barbecued meat and seafood. The bold flavors of this chutney pair best with spicy dishes.

Ingredients: Red Ruby Grapefruits, Navelina Oranges, Onions, Rice Vinegar, Brown Cane Sugar, Garlic, Coriander, Red Chile, Salt. Vegan, no artificial preservatives                                              

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