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About Sex on the Table

Sex on the Table is the brainchild of Michelin starred ChefFed. In one of our Aphrodisiac Cooking Classes you and your fellow 16 chefs will receive a hands-on cooking class from ChefFed, where you'll learn to create simple dishes that not only seduce your palate but also your eyes, your hands, your ears and your nose. Sex on the Table Aphrodisiac Cooking Classes in New York were voted one of the 10 coolest things to do in NY by Time out New York, Vimbly called it the coolest cooking class in New York. 
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Simple Recipes at ChefFed's datenight in New York

About ChefFed

Growing up on Lake Zurich with a culinary school teacher for a mother, Chef “Fed” Federer spent plenty of his childhood in the kitchen. At 22 he decided to “go pro,” training in Switzerland’s prestigious culinary institute. He graduated at the top of his class and three short years later he received a Michelin star alongside Chef A. Blockbergen at the Auberge du Raisin on Lake Geneva. ChefFed has since cooked in some of the finest restaurants in Europe and the United States. 
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Michelin starred ChefFed

Press on ChefFed's Aphrodisiac Cooking Classes

Cosmopolitan Cover

 “Watching Chef Fed doing something as simple as slicing an “AHnion” is kind of erotic the same way watching an NBA player score a two-pointer or a violinist execute a solo perfectly is erotic.…”

Maxim Cover

 “I looked around the table and, while people weren’t tearing one another’s clothes off in a massive orgy, everyone looked happy. I’d bet that at least half the couples would be getting down tonight…”

Daily News Cover

 “The biggest part of seducing with food is the same as seducing a person on a date — it’s that element of surprise,” ChefFed says. “The most seductive thing is when people make noises in the restaurant that they usually do only in the bedroom.”

Time Out New York Cover

Dinner is foreplay. ChefFed – a writer, chef and aphrodisiac specialist is teaming up with Chef Gwenal Le  Pape of the Kimberly Hotel to create the first Sex on the Table event in the hotel’s elegant lounge…

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